What is Engrave Ink®?

Engrave Ink® is the original commemorative tattoo ink formula created from the cremated ashes of your loved one or pet as a memorial to their unique life.

Is it possible to have my tattoo artist put ashes in the ink at the shop?

There are many reasons why no credible tattoo artist would simply add your loved one’s ashes to one of their inks.

  • A tattoo shops only machine for sterilization is what’s called an autoclave, this machine is kept for sterilizing various metals by using a high pressure saturated steam at 121 °C (249°F). Saturated steam is not, and never will be a form of sterilization for ashes.
  • Cremation temperatures range from 1400°F – 1800°F, these lower temperatures leave hazardous metal particles commonly found in the body behind. No experienced artist or shop would allow themselves to become susceptible to such medical liability.
  • A true tattoo artist’s main focus is and always will be the artwork. Simply “sprinkling” ashes into an ink cup is not only highly unsanitary, but the uneven large particles once placed in the ink will make what’s called “ink blowout” an absolute certainty. ALWAYS check your desired tattoo artist’s portfolio. Look for a clean/straight outline and a positive light source for all shading. The term – there is always someone that says they can do it cheaper – is the last thing to look for when searching for a top quality artist.

Is the Engrave Ink® process secure?

Because of the extra attention that Engrave Ink® must pay to every detail in the process, Engrave Ink® ensures that not only are your loved ones handled with care and respect, but also that you receive the highest quality commemorative tattoo ink possible.

Does Engrave Ink® heal differently than other non-commemorative tattoo ink?

No, the length of time and healing process are identical to a standard non-commemorative tattoo.

Is caring for a tattoo done using Engrave Ink® different than other non-commemorative tattoo ink?

No, both bandaging and after bandage care are identical to a standard non-commemorative tattoo.

  • Wash your tattoo with an anti-bacterial liquid soap. Be gentle, do not use a washcloth or anything that will exfoliate your tattoo. Only use your hands.
  • Gently pat your tattoo dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Do not rub, or use a fabric with a rough surface.
  • The first 3-4 days: Rub a small amount of ointment on your tattoo. You may use Aquaphor, Bacitracin, A&D, Neosporin, or Tattoo Lube– whatever you know you’re not allergic to. Always use clean hands and do not place your fingers back into the ointment after touching your tattoo. Make sure to rub the ointment in so that it is not shiny, or greasy– you want the thinnest amount possible. Pat off any excess ointment with a clean cloth or paper towel. Do not use Vaseline, petroleum or Bag Balm. Wash, dry and apply ointment 3-5 times daily, as needed.

Is Engrave Ink® safe?

Most medical professionals caution that, any time you put a foreign substance in your body, being any form of tattoo or piercing, you run the risk of problems ranging from rejection to infection. Using our completely detailed internal process combined with state of the art sanitation methods ensure our commemorative ink is considered no less safe than any other non-commemorative tattoo inks available.

How do I, as a relative, know that the tattoo ink I receive was actually produced from the ashes that I made available?

Naturally, this question is asked very frequently. A similar question is asked at a crematorium: ‘How do I know for certain that the ashes in the urn are that of my deceased loved one?’ Engrave Ink® has taken every effort to restrict the risks, which will always be present, to guarantee our product is as advertised and nothing less. We use a completely detailed internal process based on a meticulous working method, an advanced tracking and tracing system and careful checks before, during and after every process phase. However, the same applies here as to the response to the ‘ashes-urn’ question asked at crematoria: 99% is provable and demonstrable. The final 1% is a question of trust.

Can we come and see the process?

We are very sorry to refuse any request to view plant and production – for all kinds of reasons (security, logistics, time, location, health & safety, insurance etc).

How long until the finished bottle of Engrave Ink® is in my hands?

The process takes about 6-8 weeks from the date of purchase. As the creation of commemorative tattoo ink is a highly complex process, the procedure can take more time. We assure you that quality and precision have first priority.

Is international shipping available?

Yes, we happily offer Engrave Ink® to over 20 countries. International orders are charged an additional $10 USD to cover the additional cost of packaging materials, which ensure we meet the strict international shipping guidelines.

How much does a bottle of Engrave Ink® cost?

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How do I order Engrave Ink® tattoo Ink?

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